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U13-U18 Jaguars Program

Jaguars Volleyball

Cochrane Jaguars Volleyball Club began as the Tigers in 2001 and became the Jaguars in 2003. The Club was established to provide players an opportunity for competition with a focus on development.

In keeping with our original philosophy, today the Club’s purpose is to provide players the ability to participate in a competitive environment while remaining focused on offering development of individual and team skills. The Cochrane Jaguars development teams are registered junior programs with Volleyball Alberta.


U13: 2 times/week
U14: 2 times one week & 3 the next
U15: 3 times/week
U16: 3 times/week
U17: 3 times /week
U18: 3 times/week

Approx. 2016 Fees (based on 12 players)

U13: $920
U14: $965
U15: $1335
U16: $1495
U17: $1455
U18: $1530

U10-U12 Atomic Program

ATOMIC Volleyball

Atomic Volleyball is a grassroots program, designed for youth aged 10-12 years old – boys and girls. We are planning 6-2 hour sessions to be run once a week for 6 weeks. Each week young athletes are taught basic volleyball skills followed by 4 vs. 4 games on lowered nets. We accept a maximum of 40 athletes on a first come first serve basis.

Atomic Volleyball stresses FUN, FAIRPLAY, and PARTICIPATION by increasing the number of ball contacts per player, by creating longer and more successful rallies, and by developing proper skill delivery.

This developmental volleyball camp from runs from late September to early November every year.

Check back for more information soon or contact Teresa Hogarth at tressahogarth@hotmail.com.

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