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What exactly are the tryouts for?

Athletes come to the annual assessments/tryouts in an effort to make the team applicable for their age group for the upcoming Volleyball Alberta season.

What does the tryout registration fee cover?

Your fee goes towards court rental for facilities, the cost of administering the online registration and promotional materials.

What exactly am I being evaluated on?

Athletes are evaluated in many different areas; Natural physical ability, current skill level acquired, natural size and strength, attitude, work ethic, position, communication skills, coachability, and ability to function within a team framework in a competitive setting are among the most important.

Who does the evaluations at tryouts?

The evaluators are Jaguars Volleyball coaches who are experienced in all aspects of the game.  Many coaches have been involved in the tryout process for several seasons and bring much needed experience to the table for these important decisions.

When will I know if I make a team?

Athletes are guaranteed 2 tryout sessions and must be present at the last tryout session to be selected for a team.  If you cannot make the last tryout, then let the coach know before the final tryout date.

How are we told if we make a team or not?

The head coaches who are conducting the tryouts with feedback from all the other participating coaches, will approach athletes after the session and advise them of the evaluating coaches decisions.

What if I am a Multi-Sport Athlete?

Many Jaguars Volleyball Club athletes play more than just volleyball through the club season.  Depending on the team, a certain level of commitment is required which is generally worked out with the coach and the team member. Check the Provincial and National Championship dates for conflicts.


How long is club season?

The club season begins after tryouts in December and runs to the end of May depending on which age division the athlete is in.

What does it cost to play club volleyball?

Club fees range from $900 to $1600 depending on your age division.

What do my club fees include?

Hotels, AVA tournament fees, AVA registration fees, additional tournament fees, uniforms, clothing, gym rentals, coaching honorariums, equipment and team balls are all included in the athletes fees.  Additional costs include food and transportation while on road trips.

Do Parents/Athletes Have to fundraise?

Some teams may wish to fundraise privately to offset team costs to optional tournaments, but this is at the discretion of those teams.  There are bursaries and provincial funding programs available which will be applied for as a team.

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